Life Coaching

As a professional Life Coach, I aim to help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Using the proven techniques and methodologies of life coaching, I act as a mirror and guide to help you focus your thoughts, feelings and actions toward achieving the outcomes you want. Life Coaching can help you achieve your goals in many areas of life:

  • Business and career: finding a clearer direction; gaining greater responsibility; fulfilling a vision
  • Nurturing richer relationships with your partner, family and friends.
  • Finding a new vision at an important crossroads in your life: graduation; a relationship breakup or divorce; retirement

“I’m doing OK as I am…So Why Do I need ‘Life Coaching’?”

Good question, and it’s one that I’m asked often as a certified Life Coach.

The answer is that no one is capable of perfectly analyzing their own thoughts, emotions and desires. As your Coach, I help you to clarify and order your thoughts and feelings, without inserting my own opinions or “giving you advice”. I help you to

  1. Convert your vague desires (“dreams”) into crystal-clear statements of purpose (goals).
  2. Identify the internal and external barriers that are holding you back from achieving your goals.
  3. Organize and focus your thoughts, emotions and actions toward overcoming your barriers to success.
  4. Refine the process as we work together over a number of sessions.

Life Coaching works because it helps you to focus your thoughts and feelings toward success, AND motivate you to take action on your clearer perspective.

“OK…But Why You?”

Some Life Coaches present their services as an almost magical solution to all your problems. They make extravagant claims about the instant success and happiness you’ll achieve if you give them your business.

I prefer to offer you a hype-free, down-to-earth service that’s based on sound psychological principles. Rather than spending money on elaborate marketing campaigns, I keep my costs low and pass on the savings to you. My fee for a 1-hour Coaching session is $60.

Also, you’re never “locked in” to future sessions. You can continue just as long as you feel you’re receiving excellent value, and stop at any time if you decide my Life Coaching isn’t for you.

By the way, I’m a Certified Life Coach (accredited by the LCI Institute, Brisbane), and I’m also an Education Officer for the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC).

Experience The Change That Life Coaching Can Make

Let me ask you to imagine the one thing that you really want to achieve this year. What does it look like? How do you feel once you’ve achieved your goal?

I’d like to help make your goal a reality. Can I guarantee you success? No, I can’t do that. But I can assure you that Life Coaching is proven to help you to focus your energies toward achieving success. So I can assist you in greatly boosting your chances of success and personal growth.

At the very least, if all you got out of Life Coaching were clearer goals and a greater degree of self-knowledge, wouldn’t that alone be worth your small investment? Of course it would!

So if you’re ready to step your life up a gear and take positive action toward making your life more productive, focused and fulfilling, please contact me now to set up an introductory session. For your convenience I have daytime, evening and weekend sessions, and and am now also offering phone sessions. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

If you have any questions, you might find our Frequently Asked Questions page useful. Or feel free to contact me.