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What To Do If Your Partner Succumbs To Shopping Binges

Worried partner writes….. “My partner and I are both hard workers and have decided to save our money to buy a house before having children. However every time I check our savings there are more withdrawals and our nest egg is slowly vanishing. My partner readily concedes that they are the source of these withdrawals, as they sometimes “borrow” a little money whenever they go shopping. They defend them self by pointing out that they do not shop that often and are not a chronic spender, but are only occasionally subject to spending binges which may blow the budget. They easily rationalise every purchase as being valid and purposeful.

Admittedly they are not an every day, ‘mad’ spender, but if these binges don’t stop we may never be able to purchase our home, and I don’t know how I would feel about that!” Continue reading →

Maintaining And Re Establishing Trust In Your Relationship: Trust- Part 3

Although there are exceptions most couples would agree that for a relationship to thrive and bring out the best in both partners trust is an essential prerequisite. In the previous two articles on trust we have discussed some strategies that if implemented in the early days of your relationship can help create a respectful and trusting environment that will nurture and support your relationship throughout its lifetime.

In order to be realistic in our overview we also, in the second article, discussed some situations in which trust could be threatened and the stability of your relationship consequently undermined.

Now in this last article you will be exploring not only ways to maintain trust beyond the initial bloom of your relationship, but also actions you can take when there are signs that trust is being eroded and your relationship is at risk.

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The Breakdown Of Trust In Your Relationship- Trust: Part 2

After having overviewed basic steps that can be taken to provide a foundation of trust (Trust: Part 1) in your relationship you will now explore a number of common reasons that trust is broken. Some of these may not be new to you.

I like to believe that the trust established at the start of most relationships can go the distance and survive the natural life of a marriage. And of course this is the case for countless couples. However, as evidenced by relationship breakdowns and divorce statistics many couples are unable to withstand the challenges and obstacles that precipitate the demise of the modern day marriage. The loss of trust is one of these challenges.

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Building Trust in Your Relationship-Part One

Simply said: A relationship in which Trust is missing is not a fun relationship. Without trust in your marriage you live a life of ill ease and cannot feel safe sharing your emotional, physical and spiritual self with your partner.

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